Institute Program

The Women in Public Service Institute: Peacebuilding and Development will provide a forum for shared learning, dialogue, leadership development, and networking among emerging women leaders from countries that have recently experienced disruptive conflict, but have reached a state of at least tenuous peace and are rebuilding, understanding that the boundaries between conflict and peace are often fragile and fluid.

During the Institute delegates will consider the following questions:

  • What does effective leadership entail?
  • Do leadership strategies change depending on the sector, e.g.: public vs. private vs. civil society?
  • In what ways is leadership culturally specific?
  • What do we know about the contexts and strategies through which women move into positions of leadership in their communities, nations, and more broadly?
  • What leadership opportunities exist for women in countries that are struggling to emerge from conflict and transition?
  • What are the challenges to women’s leadership in such settings?
  • What are the ethical dimensions to leadership?
  • What structures, legal mechanisms, institutions, and norms provide positive supports for a country moving from conflict to post-conflict?
  • In what ways are peacebuilding and development linked?
  • What are effective strategies to build alliances across difference to serve common goals?


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